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Karina Kusdinar

Karina Kusdinar is Melbourne based media producer and educator.

She has over eleven years of professional experience in digital media production within television industry, short film industry, music industry, event industry, fine art and commercial photography industry; include advertising, broadcasting, and publishing. As well as, visual communication design, specifically in product design, interface design and graphic design. Beside art installations and exhibitions, she expands her arts and digital media within education field.

She graduated from Deakin University for Diploma Media and Communication (majored in Marketing & Multimedia) + Bachelor Film & Digital Media (majored in Film and Photography (Digital Media) with electives: Animation, Visual Communication Design and ), and Monash University for Master of Teaching (majored in Visual Arts and Media Education). She selected to be a Student Ambassador of Faculty Arts and Education at Deakin University. Meanwhile, Karina has developed Instructional Design for Arts and Media Education towards Digital Transformation.

Moreover, she undertakes additional courses from General Assembly, specialized in Digital Marketing, JavaScript Development and User Experience Design); and from RMIT, she enhanced Creative Writing Fiction & Non-Fiction, Social Media Marketing & Copywriting in Action.

Her artworks in photography, video and art installations have been exhibited on Melbourne, Sydney, Jakarta, Bandung and Paris over the past eight years.

She has high quality of skills, competency and knowledge in communication and interpersonal skills, digital literacy and technology skills, media production and creative arts skills, planning and organisational skills from files management to events management, planning developing and implementing curriculum, and research and learning skills.

As she mastered her media productions (designs, photography, moving images and digital marketing); and visual arts and media education, she built her own creative studio as a freelancer with purpose to share and utilize her excel skills and knowledge by designing, consulting, facilitating and elevating the clients' needs.

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Currently Karina Kusdinar is working on several projects. She is undertaking research for her upcoming photography exhibitions and developing instructional design for Visual Arts and Media Education for Secondary School in Australia. Also, she is writing for her upcoming book about poetry. If you are interested in one of her projects, please contact directly at  


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