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Quality time with my mains

The two first weeks of October has passed. It has been such productive weeks. My weekdays been filled with board meetings, photo shoots, designing, photography postproduction, digital imaging, writing journals, studying and reading journals..

I haven’t had time to write! What can we do anyway? We can, only, do things based on the time and energy we have. Sometime I feel quite inundated as everything demands time - as if time is unlimited and all the job-word-work-post-blog-brainstorm-productions is being done effortlessly. Nada guys! Every single thing in life is build with effort and need to be maintain. Yes, it takes effort earnestly and time patiencely. Keep in mind that all we have is now - the present time.

The first weekend of October I spent quality time with my goddaughter. I can’t believe she’s now can sing clearly - yasss, we had a karaoke session! She looks a lot like herself mixed with both of her parents characters. It is remarkable to witness your besties’ baby growing up like their mini versions combined, established and keep developing on this little person’s face, smile, laugh and pretty much everything. She got full teeth already. She runs, sings and dances all the time. I cherishes every moment when I open the door and she welcomed me with her adorable surprised face turned into big smile and hugs me. Sometime she plays hard to get like she doesn’t want to get a hug, but she stares at me if I didn’t try to get her. 


Later on during the week, my besties (the mother of my goddaughter) and I finally found time to go on ‘girls day out’. We went brunching, but this time we figured to be more productive- as I just reactivated my freelance business and she wanted to expand her fashion blog, thus we started the photography production for her blog together. It was one of the best moment to professionally work together with your bestie. 



 A decade of friendship for us, we’re each other family. She’s my sister I’ve never have. She’s one of the strongest person I know in this world. I’m so proud to have her as my friend, my sister and my very best friend.

Eventhough we went through various stages in our selves and life, where sometime we could not be there for each other but deep down we believe and manage to get through things with our own ways. I’m inspired of how our friendship been grown stronger from time to time. Our willingness to understand and reach one another is the key inspiration.


Karina Kusdinar